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Priority Issues Information (Download Word)

DMV2016 Tool Kit (Download PDF)

DMV2016 Tool Kit (Download Word)

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Guide to Conducting Accessible Meetings

ASL Video: What is Disability Matters: Vote 2016 

ASL Video: Announcement About Disability Matters: Vote 2016

ASL Video: 5 Priority Issues From Disability Matters: Vote 2016

The Great Disability Debate Poster (Download PDF)

Disability Matters: Vote 2016 Brandon Rally Poster (Download PDF)

What Is The Great Disability Debate? (Download Word)

What Is The Great Disability Debate? (Download PDF)

Rant: Voting, It's Your Right

Rant: Accessibility

Rant: Fair Wages

Rant: Timely Access

Rant: Employment

Rant: Dignified Employment