Welcome to Disability Matters

Disability is not inability. It is everyone's responsibility to take care of the disabled in the community. These people get criticized often for their existence and face discrimination. Most countries are currently offering programs to make this group of people feel loved and welcomed.

There are also NGOs offering awareness on disability, and one of them is Disability Matters. Disability Matters is a movement aimed towards educating the public on how to treat the disabled. The campaign is a joint initiative of Abilities Manitoba and Barrier-Free Manitoba.

All Votes Matter

As much as many governments are embracing disabled people, there are certain privileges that some of them get denied. A good example is voting. The disabled have the right to vote just like ordinary citizens.

Many governments acknowledge this, but there is still some discrimination that exists. This is the main reason why this campaign exists.

For the movement to be effective and successful, the program needs as much support as it can get to achieve its three main goals that are:

Any support is appreciated. Together we are more capable of making the disabled a part of our communities.

Make Your Donation

Your donation is what makes the difference. The campaign mainly relies on these contributions to change the lives of people. There are lots of expenses to cover as they conduct their daily awareness activities. For instance, donations help for public materials to be set aside to educate the public, such as brochures, posters, lawn signs, mail outs and many more.

The best way to make your donation is online. All you have to do is visit the Disabilities matters official webpage and choose the 'Make a Donation' option. Then, finally, set the amount and click on 'Donate.'

Disability Matters also hosts events to help cheer up the disabled. In addition, you can decide to make other donations, such as bringing drinks and food to cheer them up. One can also choose to perform any art to make the sessions enjoyable.

Volunteer to Help

The campaign depends on volunteers to perform most of its activities. Everyone in the community needs to play a part in re-writing the history. If you find it hard to make donations, you can choose to join others and pay the disabled a visit.

Choose to go and interact with them, make them feel loved and special. Don't forget to play games with them and make them laugh. It is these moments that make a person feel alive.

Volunteering also helps you grow as a person. You will learn how to appreciate what you have that you might take for granted. It is a reminder that each day you are privileged, and you should use that to better the lives of those around you.

Become A Partner

There is also the option of becoming a partner on behalf of your organization. These partnerships help to reach out to as many people as possible.

Your responsibilities as a partner are:

Together, the movement becomes stronger and more relevant. Some of the benefits to take from the partnership are:

Let's Transform Lives

As a way of reaching out to more people, Disability Matters offers lawn signs on request. There have been instances of the high demand for these signs. If such a situation happens, there is the option of downloading the posters online.

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