Creative Lawn Sign The Great DMV2016 Sign Lawn Sign Re-Purposing Contest Winners

Disability Matters: Vote 2016 and Arts & Disability Network Manitoba are proud to announce the winners of the The Great DMV2016 Sign Lawn Sign Re-Purposing Contest. We had a number of left over lawn signs from the election and wanted to see what your wonderful, creative minds could do with them! We were amazed with what was submitted. Thank you to everyone who entered.

1st Place in Most Creative Category: Mark

Description: The theme to this project is all about my world (Mark's World). It shows the universe with different planets; where you can see different pictures of me doing specific tasks (i.e - painting, using my computer/dynavox, working (shredding paper and delivering mail at St. Amant), and having fun with friends). In the center of the the universe is a world that (literally) spins and have painted myself. With the help of my nurse, I did this project to show everyone MY world. Not everyone has a chance to witness what I can do and just because I have special needs, it does not m

2nd Place in Most Creative Category: Heather

Description: The DMV2016 was a huge success but now we have to work toward the bigger picture: inclusive community where everyone's rights are respected. This was just a piece of the puzzle on how to move forward. I used the sign by spray painting it black, cut it into tiles and used them as a puzzle type of art.

3rd Place in Most Creative Category: Heather from The Scrap Came Back

Description: Heather created double sided permanent flowers out of the Disability Matters signs. They can be displayed in a yard or garden with the metal stands. She designed the floral pattern, then had her worker help her cut out the flower and greenery design with an exacto knife. We then used a plastic spray paint to do a base coat of green on the flowers, once that was dry Heather then painted her design on both sides.

Honourable Mention in Most Creative Category: Miranda

Description: In my picture I tried to show all people from all groups and walks of life including disabled people working together through voting to better our lives and make this country even a better place to live for all of us.

1st Place in Most Useful Category: Sherry

Description: Sherry has repurposed the DMV sign to be a letter organizer with key holder. Wrapped in fabric and decorated with her special touch, this wall organizer would be a delight for any kitchen or hallway wall.

2nd Place in Most Useful Category: The Scrap Came Back

Description: We made these cute shelving units/containers out of the Disability Matters signs, toilet paper, tape and modge podge. They're then painted in fun colours with acrylic paint. They can be displayed as containers for a table top, or as shelving units for the wall.

3rd Place in Most Useful Category: Katrina

Description: Hand-sewn box is perfect for storing magazines, books, files, paper, and just about anything!